CHM to PDF is a free CHM file converter, it can help users to directly convert CHM files into PDF files. It is easy to use, users only need to select an existing CHM file and input a PDF output file name, then click "Convert" button to start conversion. Software will extract the whole contents of CHM file, then format and convert it to PDF format, page by page, finally, software will combine all PDF pages into one PDF document.

Software can support following options:

Sometime, the generated PDF files will be much larger than the original CHM files, users can set above PDF options to reduce size of the generated files, such as grayscale, low quality or no-background option.


Freeware, free for private and non-commercial use.




CHM Format and PDF Format

CHM is the abbreviation of "Compiled Help Manual", it is a common help file format on Windows OS platform. Now, CHM format is also often used as a eBook format, there have many CHM eBooks on the Internet, but CHM files are inconvenient to open and view in some mobile devices, such as mobile phone, iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone / iPod and other equipments, so you really need a handy tool to convert these files to PDF files, then you can easily read it anytime you want.